BlackBerry rally

BlackBerry new software strategy has taken off and customers are flooding back to the security model. The now platform free solution allows all cellpones and tables to be part of a hight secure platform enabeling customers to securly use devices. The stockprice has surged over 70% the last 3 months and are heading for another 75% gain over the next 24 months if Citron is correct?

As March was coming to an end, BlackBerry traded below $7. The long-struggling mobile device maker was stuck in the midst of a slow conversion to a software and services company.

Now the stock has a market cap in excess of $6.8 billion, based on a fully diluted share count of 591 million shares. To reach the $20 target of Citron, BlackBerry would reach a market cap of $11.8 billion. Based on net cash of $1.1 billion and the potential Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOMlitigation cash of $940 million, the enterprise value dips towards the $9.8-billion level.